We want all young people to have the opportunity to engage in and benefit from their education and to gain skills and qualifications that will help them access employment.

Our own Endeavour Education centre in Sheffield is designed to support students who are behaviourally challenging and at risk of being, or who have been excluded from mainstream education.

We also work with schools to re-motivate pupils who can’t cope with formal school structures and who might be at risk of exclusion and, ultimately, unemployment.

Many of our students are children missing from education or new arrivals to the country. We work as an integral part of the alternative provision commissioned service team supporting key stage 3 and key stage 4 learners who are experiencing difficulties, supporting them early enough to make a difference.

Hassan’s Story

Case Study

Hassan’s Story

Hassan was keen to learn.  So keen, he was prepared to walk the four miles to and from school everyday;  he couldn’t take the bus because he was too afraid that he would be kidnapped or blown up…


kidnapped or blown up…